I am not a fan of Alex Jones. He is too loud and often hateful, even when he is right. He and I agree on the problems, just not the solutions. Recently Alex found himself “banned” by the various social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on. While Alex certainly has the right of free speech, the Owners of a platform have the right to decide who can be a member. This is going to become more and more of a problem for a free society, and one I posited many years ago. It doesn’t really matter if you have a right to free speech when you are on private property. The fact that marijuana will soon be completely legal is meaningless if you work for a company that decides it’s not appropriate for it’s employees. Corporations, and not the Government, will be the ones dictating behavior. Fortunately, that day isn’t here yet. Alex has other outlets, and there is a shift in attention on the part of viewers to abandon the hard Left posturing of Facebook and Youtube for alternative sites that provide similar services, without the heavy handed control over speech.

The natural right to self-expression can never be “taken”. I will always think what I think, feel what I feel, and it is a very natural extension to add, and make it known to others. There is absolutely no way to stifle expression. It can be repressed, but never silenced. As with any right, it carries with it a responsibility. If you want to have freedom of speech, then you need to speak responsibly. A Church Service may be an inappropriate venue for some topics.

Any Social Media Platform is a business. Indeed, running a web site is a costly venture. But more to the point, the people behind the platform have a responsibility to those who use it. Even if you go to the lowest common denominator, if a Media group is going to pay the bills, they have to attend to what people will pay to see. They make the rules, hopefully based on the needs of their community. This once again raises the issue of allowing Corporations to become so large, they effectively close out any meaningful competition. The answer is the same, don’t support over sized and overbearing Corporations. We cannot hope to force them to grant the freedom of speech. We can refuse to go near them. If you find Youtube’s attack on certain voices disturbing, move on. If and when enough of us move on, these companies will be relics of bad ideas.

James Corbett of https://www.corbettreport.com/

What I find particularly disturbing is the seeming attempt by a group of very powerful media corporations to stifle public discourse. It seems we have forsaken the ability to hear the voices of our fellow citizens. It seems to me that the idea of Right and Left, in the social arena, need to both be heard. The basic rule of the Right is “all laws are bad laws, all government is bad government” and the expression of their absolutes would be anarchy. The Left proposes that laws and government are necessary to provide for the common good, and in the extreme, their thought is very authoritarian, with laws governing everything (what is not required is forbidden). A healthy free society is neither of these, but lies somewhere in the middle, with both voices having found meaningful compromises.

For example, the Left proposes that people can not kill each other. The Right counters with the idea that a person has a right to defend themselves and their family. In the end we have a compromise that both protects the freedom of the individual citizen, and provides for reasonable public safety. The Right and the Left act as powerful checks on excesses and injustice.

I tend to be more aligned with conservative thought, but I do not agree with the current model I am exposed to. I listen to the voices of the Left, and in many ways, they point out the dangers of a society without a compass. Jefferson pointed out that anarchy could only exist in a population of intelligent, moral individuals who will protect the integrity of a free society.

It seems to me that I do not see this so very much, I see two sides fighting a war for supremacy. Neither side listens to the other, and both sides reject any idea coming from the other. This has permeated society to the point where one’s political beliefs can disallow going out in public! The recent affair concerning (Leftist) Maxine Waters contrasts nicely with the treatment of Alex Jones. Ms. Waters has literally called for violence against anyone on the Right. She has gotten an incredible amount of support for her ideas, and in some ways, her ideas have led to an increase in violence, at least indirectly. far from being “censored” her words have been floated to the forefront of the media. She hasn’t been banned from the half dozen largest social media platforms, and yet, her words, and more importantly the utter hate behind her words, are far worse than anything I ever heard Alex Jones say.


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