Somewhere in Time

According to the latest science, the earth is about 4 and a half billion years old, and of that time, it has been relatively inhabitable for about possibly as long as 3 billion years or so. In their book, Forbidden Archaeology, authors Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson present fascinating evidence that life forms capable of tools and technology that dates to incredibly ancient times, as old as the Precambrian Era, 2.8 billion years ago. According to the standard myth, Homo Sapiens appeared about 130,000 years ago, with the oldest civilizations dated to roughly 6,000 years ago. If it takes about 10,000 years to build a civilization, then, time wise, there has been more than sufficient time for 280,000 advanced civilizations to develop on earth.

There is certainly no end of evidence of the older civilizations, with the list constantly growing as new finds are made. Even though the mainstream tends to downplay these finds, some are just too big, like Gobekli Tepe, dated at 10,000 years ago. There are also numerous finds that are rock, and thus far impossible to date. Petra is an example of one of these sites. The technology belies the date given to it. Petra is completely carved out of living rock. The ancient civilization seems to do this a lot. With very primitive tools, they carved, transported and placed blocks of stone weighing 200 tons or more, they carve massive chambers out of living rock. They do things that, given their tools, are insane.

I believe it is more likely that they used huge stones, because they could easily quarry, shape, move and place them. Being pragmatic in that way, I don’t think people with bronze tools and no wheel look at a granite cliffs and thought to themselves that a good idea is blocks the size of houses. They had technology we do not know about, or understand. For them to move a 200 ton block into place on a wall with such precision that even today a thin blade cannot be inserted between them was a task well within the limits of their technology.

Stealing a term from Joseph P. Farrell, I call these builders the paleoancients. It isn’t particularly accurate, and it is redundant, but I like the sound of it, and so far science doesn’t seem to give it enough concern to have a name for it. We have almost no data on the Paleoancients. We know they could move huge blocks, we know they were around long before Sumer and Egypt flowered. We know they almost entirely disappeared from the earth. The rest is speculation. The stories from the Vedas point to a memory of a terrible war, one with flying machines and missiles, fought in vastly ancient times (-80,000). I believe the Paleoancients flourished in the time just before our own civilization began, if fact, I believe we are their legacy, a good deal of our myths are memories of the time.

I do not know what destroyed their cultures. I assume there was more than one, since our myths say they fought a war. It is very likely they destroyed themselves, and possibly brought the planet to an extinction event. One reason I believe we do not see more of them is simply we do not look in the right places. It is easy enough to put forward that these people lived during the last ice age, and at that time water levels were entirely different then they are now. Even if there aren’t vast parts of the globe completely decimated, we theorize that water levels were 400 feet (120 meters) lower at the height of the last ice age. The Mediterranean is half its current size, Africa touches Sicily. The Red Sea is almost dry land.

Ice Age Med


In any event, their cultures WERE destroyed, either by war or natural disaster, and all that remained were the few scattered bands of survivors. There are traces of them in legends around the world, as teachers and leaders who brought civilization to the local tribes. There appears to have been a group in Northern Ethiopia, and another in the area between Lake Van and the Caspian Sea (the source of Western Eden Myths). This coincides with Farrell’s description of the cultures of the Paleoancients. He suggests there were three main cultures, The Vedics, The Osirians and The Atlantians. Similar myths exist for China and the Americas, in fact one of the amazing earth facts is that the same myths seem to be everywhere, along with evidence of a similarity of technology and tastes. Considering a bit of time for development, we are looking for some cataclysm at about 10,000 years ago. Otto Muck places the destruction of Atlantis at the point of a asteroidal impact in -8498. Muck also states this impact caused the mid-Atlantic ridge as well as the Carolina Bays. If correct, this may dovetail with another theory by Prof  Charles Hapgood. He proposed that a 15 degree pole shift occurred around -9,600 (approx. 11,600 years ago). The two dates are plus or minus 5% to be the same event, not bad considering we mostly only have myths to work with.

These Paleoancients who walked the earth and taught the indigenous species in the ways of Civilization left their footprints. If Science was interested, we might know a great deal more of them. But Science is not interested, no matter how much evidence comes forward. They will hide, lie, deny and murder the heretics who point to the obvious clues. Nothing shows the strength of Myth in our sciences than this simple fact.

When presented with the evidence that the Sphinx in Egypt was water eroded by a society of geologists, they said, and I am not making this up, that geologists are not allowed to comment on archaeology, it is not their specialty. While I agree that geologist probably don’t know much about archaeology, I am forced to concede they do know about rocks, and erosion, and any rock, be it part of an archaeological find or not, is a rock. When a robot camera explored the shaft of it discovered a door, with metal seals. The exploration of this door has captured the imagination of everyone who has heard of it. But the same exploration found another artifact, a wooden rod. This evidence is gone. it is never mentioned, and unless you use old internet archives, it has even been sterilized from all reports on the robot explorations. Like the pieces of wood and iron found behind a stone in the late 19th century by Vyse and Dixon (and subsequently LOST by the British Museum) it is something that is carefully left out. Wood can be carbon dated. Iron is an anomaly in the official explanation. It almost seems they do not want the truth to be learned.

It is my belief that a good deal of that was left to us by the Paleoancients is quite beyond our comprehension in those very ancient times. It lies buried in myths and misinterpreted texts, it lies hidden in secret teaching. It is taboo now, as it has always been, to look to these secrets. Indeed, in the fringes of science, we find researchers looking to these obscure texts, long thought meaningless or imagination, and finding clues to the cutting edge of our search.





Stanley Meyers and his Water Fuel Cell

StanleyMeyersDuneBuggyStanley Meyers built a water cell, or so he said. Oddly enough, since the patents on his cell are now public domain, one would imagine that if they worked we would see them everywhere. But we do not. I have not heard of anyone trying to commercially produce one. The whole idea of using water as a power source seems, at first glance, a silly idea. I mean, REALLY? But here’s the thing. Stan was a big deal. He said he had a car that ran on water (currently owned by someone in Canada). He was the star of a documentary by Arthur C. Clark. He worked for NASA. He is a martyr of the alternative energy crowd.

Why a martyr? Well, the story goes that he met with two “Belgian” business men in a restaurant for reasons unknown. His brother Stephen tells the story:

Stephen Meyer recalls the events of that evening — “Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently. I ran outside and asked him, “What’s wrong?’ ” Stephen recalled. “He shouted, ‘They poisoned me!’ That was his dying declaration.”

The autopsy report says he died of a brain aneurysm. I don’t know, but I do not think this sort of death gives one a whole lot of time to make declarations, run around, throw up, or much of anything else, I believe, as they say, you are dead before you hit the floor. Certainly the police had doubts:

Meyer’s death was laced with all sorts of stories of conspiracy, cloak-and-dagger stories,” said Grove City Police Lt. Steve Robinette, lead detective on the case.

And additionally, Stephen had this to say about telling the “Belgians”:

If Stephen Meyer was shocked at his twin brother’s collapse and death, he was equally amazed at the Belgians’ response the next day.“I told them that Stan had died and they never said a word,” he recalled, “absolutely nothing, no condolences, no questions. I never, ever had a trust of those two men ever again.”

All quite strange. Was Stanley murdered for what he had discovered? More to the point, what happened to his work? Where are the proof of concept vids on Youtube? I mean, alternative energy is a big thing right now. And Stan is considered right about up there  with Tesla. Stan left everything anyone who cared to try needed to continue his work. So, all things considered, why is no one continuing his work? My guess is, of course, they are. Imagine if you had a way to produce energy from water. You would be wealthy and famous beyond measure. My guess is a LOT of people are.

My point is, this information is clearly out there, you would have to be a fool to think it isn’t. But it is being kept from the public, from society. It is just tossed into the same bucket as “conspiracy theories” and not talked about, hoping no one will notice.

For what it’s worth, here’s my piece on Stan’s work. He talked about the importance of resonance and vibration in the making of his cell. Unlike the usual electric division of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen through typical electrolysis, Meyers’ engine uses rapid pulsing of power to fracture the atoms, which was supposed to account for a yield that surpassed the input energy requirements.

The Anomalous Piri Reis Map

In 1513 Piri Reis, an Ottoman admiral, compiled a map. Today, about 1/3 of it remains. He admitted compiling it from other, older maps he had laying around. When he heard the news that Columbus had “found” the Indies, considering his source maps, I doubt he was very surprised. Clearly, he was already aware of something lying to the west. And to the south. This map is  certainly anomalous, showing South America and Africa in proper longitude to within a few parts of a single degree.

But there’s more! According to Charles Hapgood and his students, it also shows Antarctica, free of ice. While showing proper longitude 300 years before the invention of a reliable way to actually measure longitude, it is still explainable through the wise use of mathematics and a good knowledge of latitude, which has existed since the time of the Sumerians. An ice free Antarctica presents a different problem. The source for this map could be traced to a time when the region was free of ice, which we, with all our scientific expertise, have determined was about 34 Million years ago. So, either someone mapped Antarctica 34 Million years ago, or we are wrong about our estimates of exactly when the miles of ice currently covering it came to be. Either way, in 1513 no one had a clue Antarctica was there at all, ice covered or otherwise. The first modern sighting of Antarctica occurred on November 18, 1820.

For me it comes down to this, at some point there was a being walking the earth, smart enough to engage in cartography, at a time when there was no ice on the coast of Antarctica. There is absolutely no record of when, how, or why this was done, in fact, there is no reason to assume that is was done in any historical time, since modern history begins in about 6,000 BC, and by that time the ice was very thick, and we have absolutely no record of any technology capable of penetrating the ice shelf until the 20th Century.

This, to me, is clearly an artifact of what John Farrell calls the paleoancient civilization. I like that word, Mr. Farrell, and will happily steal it. It has a wonderful redundancy and wry sarcasm inherent in it that just suits me. By paleoancient I mean, before the most ancient civilizations we know of, before the Sumerians, before we have any real records, a time, which for us, is only a myth now.

How Flat My Earth

Hey, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone else. JFK was assassinated by Alien Russian Nazi Transsexual Ocelots working for the mob? I’m in. The moon landing was faked by Stanley Kubrick? Let’s put on the tinfoil and take the ride! The Queen of England is a Lizard Alien? Gimme the details! The earth is flat? Su…..wait…WHAT?????

The earth is FLAT?

This guy, one *Mad* Mike Hughes, launched himself to the starting height of 1,800 feet to…ahem…*prove* the earth is flat. You know, I am not a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, my normal opinion of him being *even a stopped watch is right twice a day.* But this must be once of his times a day to be right, cuz,  I totally agree with him on this one. Mad Mike has had too many mushrooms on his pizza. Mike isn’t alone in his determination to prove the earth is flat, as it turns out, there are quite a few people with their tinfoil wrapped just a little too tight. Thousands, maybe millions, if their PR is to be believed, of our brothers and sisters do indeed believe the earth is flat. They are not agreed on whether or not it has a dome over it, or if it is located on the back of a turtle, but they are agreed on this one point…earth is a frisbee in space.

It seems to me that we have actually known…”believed”…the earth is more or less roundish for quite some time, in fact, I would propose that one of the very first acts of any technological society is to determine that very basic size and shape of their home planet. As it turns out, I am probably right, since there is plenty of evidence that the Sumerians were aware of the notion of a spherical planet. The Pyramid Builders seem to have had the same idea. The Greeks were the first to actually write about it. Eratosthenes (-276 to -195) estimated the circumference as 25,000 miles, pretty close.

The fact is, it is fairly easy to discern that the earth is at least curved. Standing on the shore of any suitable body of water will show distant objects “sinking” into the horizon. In some cases, a bit of basic math will allow a small determination of its size.


Here is a picture of the Toronto Tower, taken from Niagara on The Lake, about 30 miles away. Clearly the entire tower isn’t visible. Next to it is a picture of the complete tower. Using simple trigonometry I am sure one can actually figure out the curve of the surface of the lake. I am also quite sure one will arrive at the same answer as the Greeks did, some 2300 years ago.

What is more of a concern to me is the fact that since Science has sold itself out to corporate interests, big money and the current mythology, no one trusts it anymore, it no longer provides us with what we expect from it, accurate data on our existence. I do not see this in a few extraordinary thoughts, I see it permeating society at all levels. Everywhere, data is discredited in favor of impressions, feelings, and emotional attachments to popular mythologies.