Be Here Now

…we are only aware of 2,000 bits of information out of the 400 billion bits of information we are processing per second… -What the *bleep* do we know?

According to science (and common sense), our experience of reality is dated. It is said it takes about 80 ms for us to process, and present, the data we have received. It takes time for nerves to pass along the signal, and more time for it to be filtered. Our picture of the world is, from the inception, history. Strangely, there is evidence this is not 100% true. Certain responses happen far quicker than would be expected if this were always true. When you touch something incredibly hot, you will withdraw your finger very quickly, faster than it would take for a hot signal to be passed to your brain, and returned to your finger. But, for the most part, everything you see, smell, touch, taste and hear already happened.

While Vipasana has very few hard set rules, one of its goals is stated to be “be here now”, what is called being “mindful.” Through practice, we move to eliminate the filters, shorten the lag of experience from 80 ms towards zero, and live closer to the true now. if the world I see is 80 ms old, what does the world really look like now? As we remove the filters that compress 400 billion bits to 200 bits, do we experience more of the information? I once heard a shaman comment that if you ever experienced the now, it would most likely drive you mad. Toss a ball straight up in the air. It goes up, it stops, and it comes back down. Here’s a question, how long does it stop? It MUST stop, logic demands it, and yet, mathematics predicts the answer only “approaches zero,” so it never does actually stop. Is it the same with being in the now? If, even through long work we can get infinitely close to the true “now,” can we ever actually reach it?

A thought arises, we can observe it without involvement, and watch it fall away, and then experience the silence between thoughts. With practice we can concentrate not on the thoughts, but on what lies between them. This experience invariable comes for me with time dilation. With more practice I can remain in the space between thoughts for what seems like a very long time.¬†Thoughts follow the stream of time, consciousness does not. My sense is that we do not so much turn off the thoughts as we do slow down the time it takes for one to arise. I believe that in order for me to truly be here now, I would have to stop time. I also believe it’s possible, and happens all the time. The mystics call it “enlightenment.” The amount of energy required to do this is probably enormous, and I really imagine that I would not be able to maintain the experience. It is widely commented that the experience is worth the work. I am still doing the work, so I can’t speak to the experience yet. One thing I have taken away from it is that thoughts, and what is commonly believed to be “consciousness” is a shell of reality we wrap around ourselves. In truth, consciousness is quite different. When everything else is gone, it remains. Everything we experience arises from the foundation of consciousness.




Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

There is a prophecy that the end times will begin with a very repressive overlord, who crushes the free people, who will be replaced by a savior, who will promote their emancipation, but will, in fact, be the anti-Christ. It all has a feeling of *too pat* for me to completely believe that Trump is what he seems. I feel as though a script is being read, a story told. I hope I am wrong, but if I am, will the people who truly desire the enslavement of all humans let it happen so easily? Consider, for a moment LBJ, who removed many an adversary to his goals, possibly including a President (Mac Wallace’s fingerprint was found in the sniper’s nest in Dallas). Consider the string of deaths that seem to happen around the Clinton’s when their agenda has been challenged. Now, consider that people like the Clinton’s and Johnson are not in the elite, they are, at best, lieutenants to the real tyrants.

I have said before that Trump is eerily similar, in a historical sense, to Hitler. He rises from nowhere on the wings of public anger and hate. The anger is well deserved, the past 50 years have been a nightmare for anyone who dreams of a free society. Obama’s reign has been horrific, with new heights of repression, surpassing the Soviets and closing in on such regimes as China and Iran. For anyone who understands what freedom and liberty mean (and by that I mean literally, as in, look them up in a dictionary) the last decade has been like a Lovecraft horror story or a real life 1984, the beginning of dystopia, every bad sci fi movie ever made.

Then, along comes Hillary Clinton, the epitome of elitist privilege, a traitor for the worst of reasons, personal gain, and an obvious sociopath. From the time she was asked to leave the Watergate investigation she has stumbled from one crisis to the next, ¬†constantly embroiled in scandals. Drug trafficking and arms dealing. Fraud and embezzlement. Murder and espionage. While there is certainly some truth to the comment she makes that “its a right wing conspiracy,” there is also the immutable fact that a goodly amount of it is actually very scandalous and probably illegal. She is an elitist, who will bring to fruition the elitist agenda. She makes no bones about it, at least to them. To the rest of us, she lies, saying whatever opportunistic sound bite will serve her at the moment. Add to that the sad complacency of “mainstream media” which was exposed by the growth of the new media, the Internet. There has never been a more powerful argument for the protection of Internet freedom than the intense power it had over influencing the exposing of the Clinton Crime Family, and its ties to the establishment media. I seriously do not understand why or how she obtained a single vote. I sincerely hope she ends up facing justice for what she has done.

In the end, we have Trump. Even though I voted for him, I am scared to death of the man. I hope I am wrong about him. He has more power than any of us can imagine, the result of groundwork laid by Clinton, Bush and Obama. If he decides to start a Military-Police State, all he will have to do is use the laws he already has. As Martin Luther King wrote “everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Trump has power Hitler couldn’t dream of.

The entire world is involved in a huge mass movement, which I often feel is in the direction of freedom. Arab Spring, Brexit and the beginning of the fall of the EU, everywhere the Globalist Agenda is failing. The elite still have many powerful weapons in their arsenal. They are waging an economic war, and while we have won a few battles, we haven’t come close to ending the war. Like the Confederacy in 1865, we face an enormously overpowering enemy. Like them, we have arranged a string of battle wins. Like them, when the going gets tough, the enemy will resort to total war upon us. Will Donald Trump be our “Stonewall” Jackson, or will he be their William Tecumseh Sherman? At this point, I really feel it is impossible to know.