Meet the Elite

For most of my life I have held that it is impossible for an outside observer to tell the difference between a conspiracy and an ideology. While I have always believed that there were groups of people attempting to leverage whatever forces towards their own ends, I always felt that the overwhelming power of humanity would even things out. It was the natural course of things for people to slowly move towards the ideal of a free society. I still believe that, but I will also observe that right now, humanity is at a very critical intersection. A conspiracy, while I am sure they come and go, cannot remain hidden long enough to accomplish any lasting damage. History is filled with failed conspiracies. Ideologies represent a lifetime of upbringing and indoctrination, and here lies the real danger for a free society. Not a secret society, simply a way of life. An ideology can never *fail* as long as it has adherents.

In 1966, a man named Carroll Quigley wrote an amazing book. He was no conspiracy theory nut, he had a Doctorate in history from Harvard and taught at Princeton, Harvard and Georgetown (long thought to be a CIA recruiting/training school). He said the book was commissioned, and intended to be an internal document. He considered the book to be far too important to keep hidden, but not for any whistle-blowing reasons. He was proud of the ideals, the movements and the nature of the people he wrote about. They, he believed, represented the very apex of human development, they were, he thought, the natural advancement of humanity. They should, he wrote, shout their accomplishments from the roof tops. So, he took the book to a publisher, and once the editor had read it, there was little doubt, considering Professor Quigley’s reputation, and the subject matter, that this was a good investment. At this point I will let Professor Quigley tell the story.

The original edition published by Macmillan in 1966 sold about 8,800 copies and sales were picking up in 1968 when they “ran out of stock,” as they told me. But in 1974, when I went after them with a lawyer, they told me that they had destroyed the plates in 1968. They lied to me for six years, telling me that they would reprint when they got 2,000 orders, which could never happen because they told anyone who asked that it was out of print and would not be reprinted. They denied this until I sent them Xerox copies of such replies to libraries, at which they told me it was a clerk’s error. In other words they lied to me but prevented me from regaining the publication rights by doing so (on out-of-print, rights revert to holder of copyright, but on out-of-stock, they do not.) Powerful influences in this country want me, or at least my work, suppressed.

[…] Macmillan never got in touch with me offering the plates. I learned in March of this year [1971] that they destroyed the plates, of Tragedy and Hope. I learned in the summer, 1971, because my wife got mad and called Macmillan on the phone, every week, while I was in England, and finally got from them a letter in which they said the plates had been destroyed. They said ‘inadvertently destroyed.’

That, there’s something funny. They lied and lied and lied and lied to me. On everything. And I have letters to prove that

Tragedy and Hope is a long and complex history of the 20th century, and the people behind it. It has to be read to be believed, I am serious. No conspiracy theory can begin to be this nefarious, this ultimately EVIL. To be told is to disbelieve. One wonders if Professor Quigley was making it up. Perhaps the *hope* is that nothing so wicked can ever happen to humanity.

Tragedy and Hope introduced me to the Elite, an ideology held by many people, in many stations. What they believe, how they work to accomplish their goals. They want to bring the entire world together under one government, and one bank, ruled in every way by a small group of people, them. Realpolitick is policy for them, rules do not apply to them, they are above in every way to the rest of humanity. They are ultimately *entitled*. What I found so utterly horrifying about this is the way Quigley presents it. These people are at least sociopaths, if not outright psychotics. They have no emotions at all, no empathy, and absolutely no concern for society, except as it applies to them. Quigley presents the rantings of these lunatics as if they were the very epitome of all that is good and righteous. He finds himself a bit put off by *some* of their notions, but for the most part, they are simply helping humanity to *evolve*.

At 1000 plus pages the book is a hard read. It reads like a History text (for obvious reasons). Most of it is the history of the West in the 20th Century. Of course, there are commentaries, but most of them are highly colored by the agenda of the writer, and it removes something from the experience. Unless you actually hear Quigley say these things, you simply cannot believe them.

It has never been delegated to the dust bin of revisionist history know as *conspiracy theory*, no one has ever tried to say Quigley was crazy, twisted, or lying. There was an attempt, early on, to suppress it. There is absolutely no reason to doubt that this is exactly what it purports to be. And that is the scary part. Quigley gave the world a peek at the real movers in our society, and what they have planned, and when I look at the world around me, I see that they are so very close to their endgame (and the enslavement and/or elimination of most of humanity).

(Quigley’s)… answer appears in a number of places but is especially forceful and clear on pages 979 and 980. He says, in effect, that it is now too late for the little people to turn back the tide. In a spirit of kindness, he is therefore urging them not to fight the noose which is already around their necks.-W. Cleon Skousen “The Naked Capitalist”

Anyone can download and read a PDF file of this book from Professor Quigley’s web site at .


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