The Lesser of Two Evils

I am scared to death of Donald Trump. I see him as, like Adolph Hitler in the 30’s, tapping deep into the anger and frustration that has come to predominate our society, but in a way that is violent and hateful. I am afraid he will bring with him a police state beyond my wildest nightmares, and worse, acts deplorable to me, genocide, ethic cleansing, mass incarceration of innocents and, if we are very unlucky, this brash and uncouth example of American elitism and arrogance will start a shooting war when he overtly offends the wrong person. The only positive I see is a small possibility he is better than the alternative.

Hillary Clinton belongs in jail. She is a shining example of the elite, their attitudes, their agendas. She has spent a life smiling and conning the *less fortunate* as she readily steals everything she can from them. If it is said that the elite have illegally stolen 2/3 of the life and liberty of every American, Hillary, and her partner Bill, are directly responsible for half of it. But worse, Hillary is undoubtedly a traitor, selling American Influence, and American Secrets, for her own gain. There are simply too many scandals to list, and many of them have considerable merit once the thin veneer of her Media Control is scratched away. We have learned from the press, which I am sure was in no way inclined to present the information, that she ran a private server, on which she stored documents that represented information that was meant for the eyes of the Secretary of State of American, not the Russian Premier, nor the vast network of revolutionary armies that have taken aim at a very failed American Foreign Policy. We learn that this server was definitely compromised, and we have evidence that many connections to the server were *foreign* .

In particular are the ones from the time of the horror at Benghazi. An email was found on the server that informed the US Government of the exit strategy of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. This was found on a private hacked server that belonged to Hillary Clinton. Mr. Stevens was killed in the attack. No one has, nor ever will, investigated the connection between these two events, but as far as I can see Hillary Clinton shared Mr. Steven’s escape plan with the enemies he was trying to escape. She knew this. She knew it as she downplayed the event, saying *what does it matter?* She didn’t care about the Ambassador. She doesn’t care about me. She doesn’t care about America, or freedom, or it’s citizens. She supports the TPP and other trade agreements that are thin pretenses for Corporate Sovereignty, the selling not only of Americans, but all the people of the world to Corporations. She supports depopulation by horrific means, both chemical (through poisoned food and water and toxic medicine) and political (she openly advocates a shooting war with the Russians, so seriously that the Premier of Russia has said he considers a pre-emptive attack a possibility).

For anyone who has any familiarity with Carroll Quigley’s massive tome “Tragedy and Hope” this is nothing short of the endgame of the elite *network*. She must be stopped, at all costs. Americans can not imagine in their blackest nightmares the evil this woman brings with her. If she has her way, she will destroy not only America, but any hope for a free society anywhere on Earth. Anyone is better than Hillary. But it is not enough to vote against her, she must be defeated. Hell, far from merely being defeated, she must be arrested, charged, tried and punished.

There is very little I like about Donald Trump. In the ideal many of his positions seem fair enough, but his path to attain them is very aggressive and mean, often hateful. But I will say this, going back again to Quigley’s *network*, both sides hate him equally. It may be true that he is an outsider, and may foil the plans of a century and a half of scheming. If it is true that there really is only one party, and the two parties are simply presentations of the one, then perhaps Trump really is an outsider, not part of the plan. It’s worth considering.

As to the *also rans*, while I have, for years, preached that it is better to cast a vote for the person you believe will be the best, and I have a long record of voting for fringe candidates like Perot, Nader and Paul. That said the situation is now grave, and the time is too short. Things are truly desperate, and to give Jill Stein or Gary Johnson a vote they probably deserve should be carefully considered. In all probability, while they will no doubt grow their causes, in the long run they will be very long shots to come in as winners. My strategy is to fight hard for these two (more so Johnson) in the hopes we CAN grow them into contenders, but on election day, the plan is simple for me. NOT Clinton. If either Stein or Johnson has managed to climb into the public eye, and garner some modicum of support to make one believe they have even a remote change of winning, I will vote for either of them over Trump or Clinton. But, in the end, I will do whatever I can to make sure this country does not fall back into the Clinton’s pit of corruption and despair.


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