“2012, Undisclosed Lab, Key Finding is FOXP2 fragment: Preliminary testing recovered what appears to be a fragment of the Starchild Skull’s FOXP2 gene. This fragment differs from the corresponding human gene fragment in 56 positions along the DNA strand. This gene is highly conserved between species and is essential to human development.  In humans, it is linked to speech and cognitive function. This particular gene fragment is absolutely identical in every human and apes and has only ONE difference in monkeys, lending weight to the hypothesis that the Skull, with 56 differences, is not a human being. This finding, if proven, will raise many questions about how it developed and what abilities it may or may not have had. The results obtained need to be reproduced, verified, and extended.”

I am so fascinated by anomalies. Anomalies show us the cracks in Science, they represent the stuff “outside the box”, the fertile ground of wonder and discovery. There is no doubt anomalies are real things, and yet, they can’t be, not without changing our worldview, at the very least. A perfect human skeleton dated 350 million years ago. Its really hard to explain that in terms of “our current understanding”. An iron tool found in the Great Pyramid in a place that HAD to have held since its original construction. A worm with no mouth or anus. Science rarely even tries, and the lengths they go to to avoid talking about anomalies can be as amusing as the anomalies themselves.

The Starchild Skull is a great example. According to wikipedia:

The Starchild skull is a deformed human skull, likely to have been that of a child who died as a result of congenital hydrocephalus, which paranormalist Lloyd Pye has claimed is of extraterrestrial origin.

Oddly, the researchers don’t seem to make such grandious claims:

“THE STARCHILD SKULL is a 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project has been working with independent researchers attempting to determine what this unusual skull is since 1999. The results uncovered by the research team ruled out all known deformities, and presented the scientific community with a genetic and physical profile so diffferent from human that it could be a new species.”

At the very least, the skull is interesting, and the anomalies it presents (far from the diagnosis of hydrocephalus) are worthy of exploration. I could go on and on about it, really, I could, but its all anatomy and physiology and science, so if you are interested go to the website and read as much as you like. I suggest comparing it to the explanation that is available on Wikipedia. This may reveal another crack in the facade of science, and certainly push you towards the light. At the very least, you may glimpse why I am so fascinated by anomalies.

I end up with this “annotated” Wikipedia definition:

The Starchild skull is a deformed human (there is no evidence this skull is fully human) skull, likely to have been that of a child (the evidence of its tooth wear suggests it lived quite some time) who died as a result of congenital hydrocephalus (the diagnosis of hydrocephalus is thoroughly wrong), which paranormalist (not sure Pye would appreciate that tag) Lloyd Pye has claimed is of extraterrestrial origin (never claimed as more than a possible explanation).

Now I do not know what the skull is, other than an artifact. I do not say it came from space, or died of a childhood disease. I simply do not know. But here I clearly see deliberate misinformation by established science, and the cracks in the facade that show the deeper underlying mythology under which science labors. I see the skull as a point of wonder, of a venue for research. The very purpose of science.


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