Quantum Gnosticism

In the 20’s Einstein proposed a Unified Field Theory. He was reluctant to publish it, as he felt it was not quite fully baked. Some time later, Kaluza improved upon it, and a while later Klein improved it some more. All through the 20’s it was a fad type of thing. Kaluza offered that it was 5 dimensional, and all types of speculation as to what this 5th dimension might look like were the egghead equivalent of Water Cooler chat. In the end it was discarded by most.¬†General Electric engineer Gabriel Kron took it up and actually showed that while it may not be complete, it may have applications. Of course, most of us know that Newtonian Mechanics is not complete, but it is very useful if you are playing pool, so it is reasonable to allow this idea.

There is no doubt that during the 30’s and 40’s a lot of people were looking at applications of the work, discarded though it was. Germany went so far as to pretty much republish the work in a Nazi friendly way. Joseph Farrell presents some interesting evidence that on both sides of the war, research, and even experiments, were conducted. Very recently, I read of a *proof of concept* that was performed.

I have always felt that that piece of self we call, variously, “consciousness”, “mind”, “spirit”, and “soul” referred to the perceived experience of a field, much like light. Light is a small part of a much larger field, EM. It just so happens our experience of a small part of it results in the sensation of light and color, but the field itself has vast reached outside of that, called infra red and ultraviolet. Likewise, I feel that our experience of consciousness is simply a portion of a larger *field*.

Here is the thing. We have never found the slightest hint of consciousness in all our science. Even the most current theories have little to offer, giving way to a mechanistic view of reality, or falling prey to some mythology. It seems to me that consciousness is a huge part of experience. One wonders why it doesn’t attract more interest, really. We keep running into walls that seem to say it is there in some fashion. Reality is only there is something observes it. Stuff like that.

So what do we have here? well, I see an undefined dimension and an undefined effect. Where, in our 4 dimensional universe, does this unique ability to observe and remember come from? it doesn’t. A description that it arises mechanically or chemically is sadly missing a very important aspect of it. It is everywhere, even in the absence of such mechanisms. Do you REALLY believe that Mount Everest exists in another state of being simply because you are not observing it? Why aren’t things in the world more based on what I see than what you see, or anyone else sees? A tree I see can be photographed, and we will all agree on WHICH tree, out of the billions that exist, it is in the picture. It exists outside of my observation of it. Well, then, who is observing it? God? Can we say it is observing itself? No floating being, no Great Omnipotent Deity. Simply nature unfolding.

Here’s a mind trip for you. I was at Cornell on the 5th of May in 1977. I was there to take part in a one of my favorite rituals, watching the Grateful Dead, a rock band renowned for their extended improvisations. While I was there I made a tape of the concert, in violation of a few copyright laws, I am sure, but the band tolerated, even encouraged it (they would actually allow a few to take the signal directly from the soundboard). Now I have a tape of it, which I can play anytime. When I do I will have a certain experience, memories will become active. Now let us suppose you were not there. I play the tape for you. How real is each level of this experience? The most real is me being there, next is me listening to the tape, and then you listening to the tape, having not been there.

I offer that the experience we call “consciousness” is the action of the lost dimension. Much as the varying frequency of EM moving through the vast volume of the universe manifests as light to us and can be observed, that is secondary to the fact that the EM exists because it follows a basic axiom. *I am, therefore I think*. As with a plane flying high over the ocean, we cannot SEE the ship, but we know where it is by the wake, so I see consciousness. We cannot see it yet, but we can see the results of its truth.

Subatomic particles are not always here. They come and go, vanish and reappear. What’s up with that? Clearly we can say it is part of the plan, since we can and do observe it. Where does science say they go? Ah, well, they do not know, but one explanation they will put forth is “another dimension”, and I will heartily concur. What we are seeing is the results of the 5th dimension.

The wise have more or less told us this since times lost. The Chinese actually went so far as to attempt to codify it, or to explain an extant codification of it. We know it as the I Ching (yijing). Most people who know about it will speak in terms of Divination and Fortune Telling. It is actually much more developed, it talks about the arising of “all things” from the state of complete potential (Yang) to complete manifestation (Yin). It is quite specific, and very elegant. All things. No God, no spirits, no higher beings of any kind. Things cycle from a state of total potential to total manifestation. First they are here, in some sense of the word, then they are gone, in some sense of the word. The yijing also maps the actions of DNA with amazing accuracy. It is quite possible that “as above, so below” can take on an entirely new depth. The same order that allows everything in the universe to manifest follows the order that allows our biological form.

Once again, I cannot say enough that I believe it is ultimately possible for each of us to begin to explore this idea. The practice of Vipassana Meditation, done with even moderate regularity and intent, will reveal this to the individual. It exists there, but it is clouded by thoughts (what the teachers refer to as “Monkey Mind”). Once the thoughts are calmed, it arises and can be experienced directly.


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