Second Amendment Follies

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” -Bill of Rights

The first two rights in the American Bill of Rights are what I call *natural rights*. By this I mean they belong to everyone, and can never be denied to anyone for any reason. Any reasonable interpretation of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” by definition, acknowledges the existence of these natural rights. The first is the right to thoughts, feelings and opinions, and the ability to express them. It is impossible to even contrive a method of controlling what a person thinks and feels, and should, in my opinion, be considered torture to even try. Most of psychology actually exists because of repression of these thoughts, feelings and opinions. The second is the right to defend one’s self and one’s family from danger. “Self Defense” is a permissible defense for almost any level of action towards an attacker.

There is quite a bit of brouhaha in America these days about both these natural rights, and it would be comical to watch the contortions various tyrants are going thorough to try and deny them to some other group of society if it were not so fucking sad. Of course, as Michael so accurately noted in Stranger in a Strange Land:

“I’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much . . . because it’s the only thing that’ll make it stop hurting.” – Michael Valentine Smith

So, today I want to say a few things about the Second Amendment. The attacks on the right to defend ourselves have reached a level where I actually fear it will cause society to engage in a possible needful exercise demonstrating the natural right of defense, in common parlance, a war.

Bump Stocks, Trigger Cranks, Assault Weapons, and so much more are vain attempts to nibble away at this right, even as the world so vastly shows us how futile such endeavors are. The right to defend is a NATURAL RIGHT, it cannot be denied, it is impossible, insane and tyrannical to even try. And look around. Do rebel groups have any trouble getting arms? Nope. Not a bit of trouble. How about criminals? Nope. In Australia, they have a fucking “new crime” where someone has a gun, and uses it not to hurt, but merely to threaten. Removing, or attempting to remove, the right of defense leads to tyranny, either by individuals (criminals) or institutions.

And now we have “ghost guns.” Anyone with about 2,000 USD can make countless fully functional firearms, in their office, basement or garage. All that is needed is a computer (it doesn’t even need to be a very good one, an old IBM 386 will serve quite well), some drafting software and a CNC machining center and/or 3D printer. To add insult to injury, if you will, there is a whole community built around the development and sharing of software to build these weapons as open source programs (which are protected by not the second amendment, but the first amendment). No one, ever, for the rest of time, can be denied access to a firearm. Technology is a wonderful thing.

Admittedly, the one can currently make are…rough and unrefined. (I am reminded of the FP-45 Liberator of WW2.) But, as with any technology, they won’t be for long. In only a few years, grenade launchers, SAM’s, name it. If you can design it you can build it. I spent a long time in manufacturing, and I can tell you, it is not IF it is WHEN. No government, no individual, no amount of repression can stop it, or even slow it. I have pondered before, and I ponder now, could it be that 3D printers are the beginnings of what will in 100 years be the “replicators” of Star Trek fame? Will we one day make all our “needs” directly from the Universal Source? Consider where this technology has already brought us, BOTH natural rights are now irrevocable. First, we received the network, where everyone can have their say, and now, self defense. It isn’t hard to see where this is going. 3D printers can already print “food” of a sort, and transportation and housing. Further, science is coming slowly to the point of beginning to understand the infinite energies that lie waiting all around us, and their very intimate relationships with existence.

So where does that leave us? Well, I will offer this. We could begin trying to find other ways to deal with each other. Perhaps bullying people to accept our needs, or putting our needs above theirs isn’t a great way to run a society. I am reminded of Gandhi, who over threw the British Rule in India with peaceful resistance, or Martin Luther King, who brought huge advances to race relations with peaceful demonstrations. We have little choice now. Everyone is armed, any one can and will defend themselves if forced to. Equality.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. If we want the Arms Act to be repealed, if we want to learn the use of arms, here is a golden opportunity.” -Gandhi

Said another way: “You will get more with a kind word, and a gun, than with just a kind word.” I see this as a huge step forward for liberty and a free society. The absolute and irrevocable guarantee of the security that comes with self defense allows a free society to consider other issues. Tyrants and bullies, predators in general, have lost most, if not all, of their power over us. It has been well demonstrated countless times that societies that have come to terms with the inevitable truth of a natural right actually have a freer life, in many ways. Certainly, less crime, but more to the point, bullies and tyrants cannot exercise any power over the individual, and for the most part, without that power, most of them are sad and hurt individuals who can now be healed by the community. The sources of their pain can be addressed in peaceful and loving ways. Compromises that attend to the needs of every individual can be sought, consensus reached, instead of the repression and violence that bullies and tyrants rely upon to force their will on others.

In closing, one last quote:

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.


Words for the day

“I had been in thirteen battle engagements, had sunk a submarine, and was the first man ashore in the landing at Roi. In that four years, I thought, What a hell of a waste of a man’s life. I lost a lot of friends. I had the task of telling my roommate’s parents about our last days together. You lose limbs, sight, part of your life–for what? Old men send young men to war. Flag, banners, and patriotic sayings… We’ve institutionalized militarism. This came out of World War Two… It gave us the National Security Council. It gave us the CIA, that is able to spy on you and me this very moment. For the first time in the history of man, a country has divided up the world into military districts… You could argue World War Two had to be fought. Hitler had to be stopped. Unfortunately, we translate it unchanged to the situation today… I hate it when they say,”He gave his life for his country.”Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don’t die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them.” — Admiral Gene LaRocque

*You must give yourself to love,
If love is what you’re after.”– Kate Wolf

Be Here Now

…we are only aware of 2,000 bits of information out of the 400 billion bits of information we are processing per second… -What the *bleep* do we know?

According to science (and common sense), our experience of reality is dated. It is said it takes about 80 ms for us to process, and present, the data we have received. It takes time for nerves to pass along the signal, and more time for it to be filtered. Our picture of the world is, from the inception, history. Strangely, there is evidence this is not 100% true. Certain responses happen far quicker than would be expected if this were always true. When you touch something incredibly hot, you will withdraw your finger very quickly, faster than it would take for a hot signal to be passed to your brain, and returned to your finger. But, for the most part, everything you see, smell, touch, taste and hear already happened.

While Vipasana has very few hard set rules, one of its goals is stated to be “be here now”, what is called being “mindful.” Through practice, we move to eliminate the filters, shorten the lag of experience from 80 ms towards zero, and live closer to the true now. if the world I see is 80 ms old, what does the world really look like now? As we remove the filters that compress 400 billion bits to 200 bits, do we experience more of the information? I once heard a shaman comment that if you ever experienced the now, it would most likely drive you mad. Toss a ball straight up in the air. It goes up, it stops, and it comes back down. Here’s a question, how long does it stop? It MUST stop, logic demands it, and yet, mathematics predicts the answer only “approaches zero,” so it never does actually stop. Is it the same with being in the now? If, even through long work we can get infinitely close to the true “now,” can we ever actually reach it?

A thought arises, we can observe it without involvement, and watch it fall away, and then experience the silence between thoughts. With practice we can concentrate not on the thoughts, but on what lies between them. This experience invariable comes for me with time dilation. With more practice I can remain in the space between thoughts for what seems like a very long time. Thoughts follow the stream of time, consciousness does not. My sense is that we do not so much turn off the thoughts as we do slow down the time it takes for one to arise. I believe that in order for me to truly be here now, I would have to stop time. I also believe it’s possible, and happens all the time. The mystics call it “enlightenment.” The amount of energy required to do this is probably enormous, and I really imagine that I would not be able to maintain the experience. It is widely commented that the experience is worth the work. I am still doing the work, so I can’t speak to the experience yet. One thing I have taken away from it is that thoughts, and what is commonly believed to be “consciousness” is a shell of reality we wrap around ourselves. In truth, consciousness is quite different. When everything else is gone, it remains. Everything we experience arises from the foundation of consciousness.



Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

There is a prophecy that the end times will begin with a very repressive overlord, who crushes the free people, who will be replaced by a savior, who will promote their emancipation, but will, in fact, be the anti-Christ. It all has a feeling of *too pat* for me to completely believe that Trump is what he seems. I feel as though a script is being read, a story told. I hope I am wrong, but if I am, will the people who truly desire the enslavement of all humans let it happen so easily? Consider, for a moment LBJ, who removed many an adversary to his goals, possibly including a President (Mac Wallace’s fingerprint was found in the sniper’s nest in Dallas). Consider the string of deaths that seem to happen around the Clinton’s when their agenda has been challenged. Now, consider that people like the Clinton’s and Johnson are not in the elite, they are, at best, lieutenants to the real tyrants.

I have said before that Trump is eerily similar, in a historical sense, to Hitler. He rises from nowhere on the wings of public anger and hate. The anger is well deserved, the past 50 years have been a nightmare for anyone who dreams of a free society. Obama’s reign has been horrific, with new heights of repression, surpassing the Soviets and closing in on such regimes as China and Iran. For anyone who understands what freedom and liberty mean (and by that I mean literally, as in, look them up in a dictionary) the last decade has been like a Lovecraft horror story or a real life 1984, the beginning of dystopia, every bad sci fi movie ever made.

Then, along comes Hillary Clinton, the epitome of elitist privilege, a traitor for the worst of reasons, personal gain, and an obvious sociopath. From the time she was asked to leave the Watergate investigation she has stumbled from one crisis to the next,  constantly embroiled in scandals. Drug trafficking and arms dealing. Fraud and embezzlement. Murder and espionage. While there is certainly some truth to the comment she makes that “its a right wing conspiracy,” there is also the immutable fact that a goodly amount of it is actually very scandalous and probably illegal. She is an elitist, who will bring to fruition the elitist agenda. She makes no bones about it, at least to them. To the rest of us, she lies, saying whatever opportunistic sound bite will serve her at the moment. Add to that the sad complacency of “mainstream media” which was exposed by the growth of the new media, the Internet. There has never been a more powerful argument for the protection of Internet freedom than the intense power it had over influencing the exposing of the Clinton Crime Family, and its ties to the establishment media. I seriously do not understand why or how she obtained a single vote. I sincerely hope she ends up facing justice for what she has done.

In the end, we have Trump. Even though I voted for him, I am scared to death of the man. I hope I am wrong about him. He has more power than any of us can imagine, the result of groundwork laid by Clinton, Bush and Obama. If he decides to start a Military-Police State, all he will have to do is use the laws he already has. As Martin Luther King wrote “everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Trump has power Hitler couldn’t dream of.

The entire world is involved in a huge mass movement, which I often feel is in the direction of freedom. Arab Spring, Brexit and the beginning of the fall of the EU, everywhere the Globalist Agenda is failing. The elite still have many powerful weapons in their arsenal. They are waging an economic war, and while we have won a few battles, we haven’t come close to ending the war. Like the Confederacy in 1865, we face an enormously overpowering enemy. Like them, we have arranged a string of battle wins. Like them, when the going gets tough, the enemy will resort to total war upon us. Will Donald Trump be our “Stonewall” Jackson, or will he be their William Tecumseh Sherman? At this point, I really feel it is impossible to know.




It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. -Frederick Douglass

It never ceases to amaze me: the average American is walking around with the entire sum total of all human knowledge in their pocket. And, in doing so, exposing themselves to irreparably harm, these devices are just as dangerous as tobacco, basking anyone around them in the warm glow of microwaves. A good trade off? Maybe so, except, in a recent poll, it was found that 44% of Americans get their news from FACEBOOK, highly edited to a leftist viewpoint, drenched in liberal hate and repression. So, no, it’s as stupid as smoking, a meaningless filthy habit. It’s killing you, but the addiction is too strong.

My daughter tells me that the Internet is not really a very good place for information, since it is all wack jobs (like me) spewing out insane conspiracy theories. Well, I suppose that is true in a way, since the Internet has EVERYTHING. It obviously includes wack jobs (like me) spewing out insane conspiracy theories. It also includes the “Alternative Media”, a self regulating group of very meaningful researchers and journalists who work very hard to cut through the Mainstream Media’s propaganda to provide people with insight and information that will help them to understand the world around them, their place within society, and enable them to make decisions based on this. These people come in all flavors, left, right, feminist, parents, homeowners, VW owners. Finding them, and using them as a resource is not easy. It requires leaving Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google behind. I don’t use Facebook, except as a networking tool (right now I am looking for a luthier to do some repair on Galadriel), and I always log off when I am done.

I used to use Facebook. Then something happened that made me see it  was very dangerous. A good friend of mine posted something about how the Stars and Bars is a symbol of racism, and The War of Northern Aggression was fought to end slavery. Yeah, all well and good for a 6th grader, but anyone who has ever studied anything about the Civil War KNOWS this is not true, not even a little true. It, like the story of Washington and the Cherry Tree, is a myth. The thing is, I know in my heart, after long talks with this person, a lifetime of chats on life, the universe and everything, they know damn well it isn’t true. But here they were pushing the “ban the Confederate Flag” meme. I realized they had caught a disease, a cancer, from smoking Facebook. They would follow a meme, even if it denied what they knew to be true. The meme was the truth. The facts were unpleasant details that no one would bring into the discussion. They were weaving lies in real time, propagandizing THEMSELVES. I logged off Facebook. I considered closing my account entirely, but I am glad I didn’t, I sometimes go there for legitimate purposes, like finding a luthier to fix Galadriel, so it has some uses. The news isn’t one of them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get my news from the Internet. Far from it. The list of news sites I go to regularly (daily) is intentionally planned to hopefully give me an accurate picture of the world around me. MSM, right wing sites like InfoWars, left wing sites like Common Dreams, and those intrepid individuals who don’t readily fit into any particular group like The Corbett Report and Truth In Media. I have learned EVERYONE is peddling propaganda of their own particular flavor, and if you are interested in forming an opinion of any meaning, you have to take it all in, filter it through you OWN mind, and form your opinion. The news takes me about an hour. This is the same amount of time my parents spent on the news.

The citizen of a free democratic society has to be informed. It is the responsibility of each person to become informed. Jefferson, that slave-owning bastard that wrote the Declaration if Independence, once noted that to stop learning was death. It certainly has proven to be the death of liberty and democracy in America.

What the @#%! are they doing at CERN?

At CERN, atoms are accelerated to near light speed and then forced to collide. Supposedly this is going to tell us something about the nature of the Universe, although its been pointed out a number of times, this is like hitting a clock with a sledgehammer and trying to figure out how it worked by looking at the broken pieces of the gears. Last year they decided to throw caution to the wind and upped the power, in Emeril terms: *BAM*.

Yeah well, there’s a downside. Not that we can understand it. It seems they have not a clue what is going to happen if they do this. Maybe they will open a portal to another universe….WAIT…MAYBE???? Who’s doing the planning on this experiment? Two kids with Fisher Price Micky Mouse “Computers”? Eh, Dr Hawking felt it was worthwhile to point out:

“The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become metastable at energies above 100 [billion] gigaelectronvolts (GeV). This could mean that the universe could undergo catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light. This could happen at any time and we wouldn’t see it coming.”

Now, I do not understand a word of that, but it doesn’t SOUND like something I really WANT to understand. I know the Higgs potential might be what I envision as “the 5th dimension”, sort of…maybe….

So, they are going to rip apart the potential for life the universe and everything, on the hopes of perhaps glimpsing whatever is on the other side,which is probably either nothing or another universe. Kind of obvious, if you have the IQ of a lab rat.

Well, they did it…maybe. And immediately, all kinds of shit started happening. Dr. Edward Mantill, supposedly one of the meatbags playing with reality for sport, wrote a “confession” entitled in some sources “I’m a Physicist At CERN. We’ve Done Something We Shouldn’t Have Done.” Nice title. Yeah, so everyone says “it’s not real, it’s made up”. I get it. But then there are all these various reports and pictures of vortexes and weird clouds and flashes and shit, mostly coming from the ultra-religious nutjobs spewing end of the world as we know it crapola, which, if some of this is true, may not be crapola in the end (times). Still. A vortex is a vortex. What it means is something entirely different, maybe.


The sky at CERN with special bonus UFO 

But more curious…there is this phenomena called the mandela effect. Although it predates the CERN experiment, it seems to have gathered steam of late, and SHIT if it isn’t happening to me! Not all of it, of course, but some of it. My diet is deficient in “New Age Memes”. Most of it I can attribute to not paying attention, like the whole *Mirror Mirror (or MAGIC Mirror) on the wall* gig. Yeah, ok, I admit it, I do not follow the script of kid’s movies very closely. Some of it though… C3PO and his silver leg. Nope. Not the way it happened folks. They were both gold. I would have noticed. AND, I just watched Star Wars with a gold C3PO a few months ago. Like I said, I would have noticed. I damn well know it’s the Berenstein Bears. Then there is the car at the Kennedy assassination. 4 seats, or 6? This one is particularly disturbing because there are pictures of the 4 seat limo. I clearly remember a 6 seat limo, with the Connolly’s in the middle. But Life Magazine…


SO, here’s the thing. What if (Caution! crazy talk ahead) CERN like managed to actually open a portal to another universe and infect OUR reality with ANOTHER reality? It’s not an entirely unheard of idea. Al Bielek, for instance. I am not saying that Al isn’t crazy. Just saying. There is this entire time/space travel thing in some of the more bizarre aspects of The Philadelphia Experiment, and Al seems to have a front row seat. Maybe I have the seat next to his…MAYBE!

What else changed that we didn’t, or maybe CAN’T notice? I remember Hillary Clinton as a psychotic bitch that should be in jail awaiting execution for espionage. WAIT…that’s still true. *sigh of relief*

But that’s not all of it (of course). It seems these *ahem* Scientists like to do things with little or no idea how it will all workout. I recently watch a documentary on “Bio-engineering”, what is known in the common parlance as chem-trails. In one scene, one of the talking heads for these lunatics says in a convention, that they have no idea what the long term consequences of dumping TONS of Aluminum Oxide on the earth will mean, but it’s a risk they are willing to take. Yeah well, aluminum  is toxic. What else do you need to know?

What are the consequences of tossing rouge DNA into the wild? All life on Earth shares DNA that varies only slightly. The damn Evolutionists are forever going on about how this proves their broken theory. Well, by extension a minor change runs the risk of infecting ALL the DNA on Earth. In fact, they even KNOW it can and does happen. They call it “horizontal transference*. Maybe I will call it “not good”.

And I hate to mention it but the Pharms are famous for doing their product safety research after they begin selling it. It’s a form of beta testing done by Microsoft, but with life on the line. The list of drugs that were released as *safe* but later discovered to be horrifically NOT safe is too long to put here.

And by the bye:

Check out Fred. He’s grumpy, old, and funny, too.


Take the Last Train To Clarksville

The Monkees are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They have a new release, called “Good Times“, largely made of unreleased out takes from their heyday. It includes a song by Davy Jones, who died in 2012, in much the same way the Beatles released “Free As A Bird”. It is good. It is very much a Monkee’s release. Sadly, they didn’t get another hit off it (yet). The Monkees were really good. For a while, more popular than either the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. It took the release of Sgt. Pepper’s to knock them out of number 1.

It’s widely commented that the Monkees were a fake band, assembled by a production company as part of a sitcom idea. They didn’t record their stuff themselves, they used LA studio cats to cover songs that had been prepared for them. So, basically they were a band that was having their material written by the likes of Carol King and Neil Diamond, and getting help from Stephen Stills and Neil Young in the studio. I defy you to find a band working today that would turn that down! I agree with John Lennon, who told them he thought they were the best comedy since the Marx Brothers, he loved the show, and they had the difficult task of developed a very successful band while doing a weekly TV show.

While is cannot be argued that they were brought together by casting calls, it must be said, they outgrew that quickly. By their third release they had battled the studio execs to get a good deal of creative control, and their best work was done while they maintained the same amount of creative direction as any band active at the time. In 1967 they outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined. Their list of hits is impressive. The Last Train To Clarksville, I’m a Believer, I’m Not your Stepping Stone, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Daydream Believer, Valleri, The Porpoise Song, just to name the ones that really had some traction. But the Monkees, at least on their own, didn’t simply make pop hits. Some of their cuts are amazingly experimental, psychedelic, provoking. Deep. Real.

They won the lottery. Fame was simply handed to them because of an interview. 2 musicians and 2 actors, tossed together to make a show about a musical band. As I see, they could have rode that wave for a while. They didn’t. First the musicians, and then all of them, began to fight to make something more, to become a band, to make their own music. In the end their fight for creativity was their undoing, the studio decided it wasn’t worth the fight and canceled the show after its second season. The next incarnation (from the point of view of the studios) of The Monkees was the cartoon group The Archies. Toons don’t ask for creative control. There were no takers for their idea to move to a more Variety Show format. So, The Monkees made more music.

Their finest release is  Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., and was the last release made for the TV show (its songs peppered season 2, along with cuts from Headquarters). Both were recorded by the Monkees, with no more use of studio musicians than any other rock band. The soundtrack of their movie “Head” shows a lot of promise going forward. Sadly, as with so many bands, creative differences finally broke up the group in 1971, long after the show had been canceled.

The local rock group down the street
Is trying hard to learn their song
Seranade the weekend squire, who just came out to mow his lawn

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burning everywhere
Rows of houses that are all the same
And no one seems to care

See Mrs. Gray she’s proud today because her roses are in bloom
Mr. Green he’s so serene, He’s got a t.v. in every room

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Here in status symbol land
Mothers complain about how hard life is
And the kids just don’t understand

Creature comfort goals
They only numb my soul and make it hard for me to see
My thoughts all seem to stray, to places far away
I need a change of scenery

Ta Ta Ta…

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burning everywhere
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Here in status symbol land

Meet the Elite

For most of my life I have held that it is impossible for an outside observer to tell the difference between a conspiracy and an ideology. While I have always believed that there were groups of people attempting to leverage whatever forces towards their own ends, I always felt that the overwhelming power of humanity would even things out. It was the natural course of things for people to slowly move towards the ideal of a free society. I still believe that, but I will also observe that right now, humanity is at a very critical intersection. A conspiracy, while I am sure they come and go, cannot remain hidden long enough to accomplish any lasting damage. History is filled with failed conspiracies. Ideologies represent a lifetime of upbringing and indoctrination, and here lies the real danger for a free society. Not a secret society, simply a way of life. An ideology can never *fail* as long as it has adherents.

In 1966, a man named Carroll Quigley wrote an amazing book. He was no conspiracy theory nut, he had a Doctorate in history from Harvard and taught at Princeton, Harvard and Georgetown (long thought to be a CIA recruiting/training school). He said the book was commissioned, and intended to be an internal document. He considered the book to be far too important to keep hidden, but not for any whistle-blowing reasons. He was proud of the ideals, the movements and the nature of the people he wrote about. They, he believed, represented the very apex of human development, they were, he thought, the natural advancement of humanity. They should, he wrote, shout their accomplishments from the roof tops. So, he took the book to a publisher, and once the editor had read it, there was little doubt, considering Professor Quigley’s reputation, and the subject matter, that this was a good investment. At this point I will let Professor Quigley tell the story.

The original edition published by Macmillan in 1966 sold about 8,800 copies and sales were picking up in 1968 when they “ran out of stock,” as they told me. But in 1974, when I went after them with a lawyer, they told me that they had destroyed the plates in 1968. They lied to me for six years, telling me that they would reprint when they got 2,000 orders, which could never happen because they told anyone who asked that it was out of print and would not be reprinted. They denied this until I sent them Xerox copies of such replies to libraries, at which they told me it was a clerk’s error. In other words they lied to me but prevented me from regaining the publication rights by doing so (on out-of-print, rights revert to holder of copyright, but on out-of-stock, they do not.) Powerful influences in this country want me, or at least my work, suppressed.

[…] Macmillan never got in touch with me offering the plates. I learned in March of this year [1971] that they destroyed the plates, of Tragedy and Hope. I learned in the summer, 1971, because my wife got mad and called Macmillan on the phone, every week, while I was in England, and finally got from them a letter in which they said the plates had been destroyed. They said ‘inadvertently destroyed.’

That, there’s something funny. They lied and lied and lied and lied to me. On everything. And I have letters to prove that

Tragedy and Hope is a long and complex history of the 20th century, and the people behind it. It has to be read to be believed, I am serious. No conspiracy theory can begin to be this nefarious, this ultimately EVIL. To be told is to disbelieve. One wonders if Professor Quigley was making it up. Perhaps the *hope* is that nothing so wicked can ever happen to humanity.

Tragedy and Hope introduced me to the Elite, an ideology held by many people, in many stations. What they believe, how they work to accomplish their goals. They want to bring the entire world together under one government, and one bank, ruled in every way by a small group of people, them. Realpolitick is policy for them, rules do not apply to them, they are above in every way to the rest of humanity. They are ultimately *entitled*. What I found so utterly horrifying about this is the way Quigley presents it. These people are at least sociopaths, if not outright psychotics. They have no emotions at all, no empathy, and absolutely no concern for society, except as it applies to them. Quigley presents the rantings of these lunatics as if they were the very epitome of all that is good and righteous. He finds himself a bit put off by *some* of their notions, but for the most part, they are simply helping humanity to *evolve*.

At 1000 plus pages the book is a hard read. It reads like a History text (for obvious reasons). Most of it is the history of the West in the 20th Century. Of course, there are commentaries, but most of them are highly colored by the agenda of the writer, and it removes something from the experience. Unless you actually hear Quigley say these things, you simply cannot believe them.

It has never been delegated to the dust bin of revisionist history know as *conspiracy theory*, no one has ever tried to say Quigley was crazy, twisted, or lying. There was an attempt, early on, to suppress it. There is absolutely no reason to doubt that this is exactly what it purports to be. And that is the scary part. Quigley gave the world a peek at the real movers in our society, and what they have planned, and when I look at the world around me, I see that they are so very close to their endgame (and the enslavement and/or elimination of most of humanity).

(Quigley’s)… answer appears in a number of places but is especially forceful and clear on pages 979 and 980. He says, in effect, that it is now too late for the little people to turn back the tide. In a spirit of kindness, he is therefore urging them not to fight the noose which is already around their necks.-W. Cleon Skousen “The Naked Capitalist”

Anyone can download and read a PDF file of this book from Professor Quigley’s web site at .

The Lesser of Two Evils

I am scared to death of Donald Trump. I see him as, like Adolph Hitler in the 30’s, tapping deep into the anger and frustration that has come to predominate our society, but in a way that is violent and hateful. I am afraid he will bring with him a police state beyond my wildest nightmares, and worse, acts deplorable to me, genocide, ethic cleansing, mass incarceration of innocents and, if we are very unlucky, this brash and uncouth example of American elitism and arrogance will start a shooting war when he overtly offends the wrong person. The only positive I see is a small possibility he is better than the alternative.

Hillary Clinton belongs in jail. She is a shining example of the elite, their attitudes, their agendas. She has spent a life smiling and conning the *less fortunate* as she readily steals everything she can from them. If it is said that the elite have illegally stolen 2/3 of the life and liberty of every American, Hillary, and her partner Bill, are directly responsible for half of it. But worse, Hillary is undoubtedly a traitor, selling American Influence, and American Secrets, for her own gain. There are simply too many scandals to list, and many of them have considerable merit once the thin veneer of her Media Control is scratched away. We have learned from the press, which I am sure was in no way inclined to present the information, that she ran a private server, on which she stored documents that represented information that was meant for the eyes of the Secretary of State of American, not the Russian Premier, nor the vast network of revolutionary armies that have taken aim at a very failed American Foreign Policy. We learn that this server was definitely compromised, and we have evidence that many connections to the server were *foreign* .

In particular are the ones from the time of the horror at Benghazi. An email was found on the server that informed the US Government of the exit strategy of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. This was found on a private hacked server that belonged to Hillary Clinton. Mr. Stevens was killed in the attack. No one has, nor ever will, investigated the connection between these two events, but as far as I can see Hillary Clinton shared Mr. Steven’s escape plan with the enemies he was trying to escape. She knew this. She knew it as she downplayed the event, saying *what does it matter?* She didn’t care about the Ambassador. She doesn’t care about me. She doesn’t care about America, or freedom, or it’s citizens. She supports the TPP and other trade agreements that are thin pretenses for Corporate Sovereignty, the selling not only of Americans, but all the people of the world to Corporations. She supports depopulation by horrific means, both chemical (through poisoned food and water and toxic medicine) and political (she openly advocates a shooting war with the Russians, so seriously that the Premier of Russia has said he considers a pre-emptive attack a possibility).

For anyone who has any familiarity with Carroll Quigley’s massive tome “Tragedy and Hope” this is nothing short of the endgame of the elite *network*. She must be stopped, at all costs. Americans can not imagine in their blackest nightmares the evil this woman brings with her. If she has her way, she will destroy not only America, but any hope for a free society anywhere on Earth. Anyone is better than Hillary. But it is not enough to vote against her, she must be defeated. Hell, far from merely being defeated, she must be arrested, charged, tried and punished.

There is very little I like about Donald Trump. In the ideal many of his positions seem fair enough, but his path to attain them is very aggressive and mean, often hateful. But I will say this, going back again to Quigley’s *network*, both sides hate him equally. It may be true that he is an outsider, and may foil the plans of a century and a half of scheming. If it is true that there really is only one party, and the two parties are simply presentations of the one, then perhaps Trump really is an outsider, not part of the plan. It’s worth considering.

As to the *also rans*, while I have, for years, preached that it is better to cast a vote for the person you believe will be the best, and I have a long record of voting for fringe candidates like Perot, Nader and Paul. That said the situation is now grave, and the time is too short. Things are truly desperate, and to give Jill Stein or Gary Johnson a vote they probably deserve should be carefully considered. In all probability, while they will no doubt grow their causes, in the long run they will be very long shots to come in as winners. My strategy is to fight hard for these two (more so Johnson) in the hopes we CAN grow them into contenders, but on election day, the plan is simple for me. NOT Clinton. If either Stein or Johnson has managed to climb into the public eye, and garner some modicum of support to make one believe they have even a remote change of winning, I will vote for either of them over Trump or Clinton. But, in the end, I will do whatever I can to make sure this country does not fall back into the Clinton’s pit of corruption and despair.

Compassion, Education and Liberty

It is said that compassion has two parts. The first part is an observation: “There is suffering in the world.” The second part is a decision: “I will do what I can to end this suffering.” For me, compassion forms the foundation of my spirituality. If I simply try to act with compassion in my life, I will experience the positive spiritual life that the wise of all beliefs have recommended. Sin is acting without compassion. Compassion implies, explicitly, a world outside of myself, at least experientially, that I will interact with, and directs with simplicity and elegance how I might interact. The mark of truth is simplicity and elegance.

Thomas Jefferson used the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. He could have used freedom, but he did not. Freedom is just that; I am free, I can do anything without restraint. I can take, hurt, even kill, because I am free. Liberty is a higher bar. Yes, I am quite free to kill you, but I won’t because that would be wrong. Jefferson believed ANY government was too much government, he was, at least in the ideal, an anarchist. He also knew that any free society depended on intelligent, moral citizens.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”